Oil changes are what you need for a smooth and safe ride. Improve your vehicles ride quality with an oil change at a reliable automotive service center. Manchester City Nissan provides Nissan service coupons for professional oil change around East Hartford, Glastonbury, and Bolton. Here are the top signs your vehicle needs an oil change:

An Empty Oil Tank

Driving with low oil levels can put your vehicle at a greater risk of stalling or breaking down. A dry oil tank is the most obvious warning sign of an oil change....continue reading

Tire rotation is the process of changing tire positions to ensure that they wear evenly. A common method of tire rotation is swapping tires on the front with those on the rear. Tires may also be swapped side-to-side.

Tire rotation can involve other positioning too, depending on factors such as the wheel drive of the vehicle. The owners manual usually specifies the pattern that needs to be followed for tire rotation.

Regular tire rotation ensures many benefits:

Even Wearing of Tires

Obviously, driving will wear tires. But...continue reading

Today, one of the top priorities while buying a new vehicle is the perfect balance between the performance and fuel efficiency of that vehicle. Nissan knowingly has introduced various models which can generate that sheer power when on the road and less refill time at the gas station, due to its high fuel efficiency.

Lets assess the most fuel-efficient Nissan 2020 models available in the market which might help interested buyers if looking out for a new Nissan model.

Nissan launched the Maxima model, a full-size sedan, in 1988. More than a sedan, it was labeled as a "Four-Door Sports Car" due to its sporty look, powerful engine & excellent suspension unheard in sedans during that period. 

The present times paints a different picture in the world of automobiles with the death of the sedan. Many companies have either stopped making sedans or are on the verge of doing it as everyone prefers to buy an SUV or a truck these days. Despite the odds, Nissan has gone ahead refurbished...continue reading

Getting your Nissan serviced regularly from car dealerships in Manchester, CT is crucial to maintain the health of your Nissan vehicle. Regular car servicing offers many benefits, some of which are:

Boosting Vehicle Safety 

Regular vehicle servicing will ensure that the various components of your Nissan are working properly. Oil and filter changes will be conducted and routine inspection of brakes, engine components, tires, and other vehicle parts will be carried out. Repairs will be made while servicing...continue reading