Are you contemplating purchasing a Nissan Altima? You do not have to necessarily purchase a new car as there are options like leasing one. Some people might tell you that purchasing is better. However, purchasing a car is not always better. Check out some of the reasons why you should lease a Nissan Altima instead of buying one.

1. Affordability

There is very little or even no down payment. You do not have to pay interest charges or arrange for financing while leasing a Nissan Altima. You do not have to even pay smaller...continue reading

Performing routine Nissan service protects your car's engine as well as its internal components. Regular maintenance also allows you to drive for miles without worrying about breakdowns. We recommend you abiding by your manufacturer's maintenance schedule to maintain your Nissan in excellent condition. If you are looking for car dealerships in Manchester, CT for Nissan service, our Manchester City, CT store makes a good choice.

The recommended schedule for your Nissan auto service:

Under normal conditions, your...continue reading

A wireless control system, HomeLink, is an app that enables drivers to do the following:

  • Opening and closing the garage door
  • Deactivate or activate the electronics and lights of your home
  • Deactivate or activate the security system of your home

In short, it is an app a next-generation app that can connect your car to your lifestyle.

How To Use the HomeLink App

After HomeLink programming is done, it is now time to learn how to use it. The HomeLink system has the ability to open a maximum of three different garage...continue reading

The 2020 Frontier is another feather in the cap of the famous automaker, Nissan. The mid-sized truck has gotten a makeover, with tons of new features loaded onto it. If you are in Manchester City, CT, and considering buying the new Nissan Frontier, we suggest you visit our dealership, Manchester City Nissan. We employ the best-in-class car specialists that take you through the Frontier features to help you get a true feel of the truck.


With a standard 310 HP and 3.8L V6 engine, the 2020 Frontier is more powerful...continue reading

Changing car oil regularly is one of the most important routine maintenance tasks of any car. It, in fact, provides an opportunity for you to get the other crucial areas of the car checked as well. At all the car dealerships in Manchester, CT, an oil change is a simple and quick service that also involves a complimentary inspection of multiple car points.

Benefits of Regular Changing of Car Oil

Whether you own a brand new vehicle or a trusted old car, a regular oil change is something that you should never ignore. Seven...continue reading