10 Reasons Why Your Check Engine Light Is On

    Every contemporary automobile will traditionally utilize a warning system to make you aware of the happenings within and outside of it. One of the most common alerts that drivers typically get is when the engine light is on. 

    Why Is My Check Engine Light On?

    Several key issues could trigger this, which is why you should recognize them to carefully prevent costly repairs by car mechanics in Manchester, CT.

    1. Defective Oxygen Sensor

    A faulty sensor is unable to accurately measure the oxygen level in the vehicle's exhaust to adequately supply the recommended amount of fuel to the engine. This typically leads to a whopping 40% loss in the vehicle's mpg.

    2. Defective Catalytic Converter

    You might have to invest wisely in a new catalytic converter if some essential components of the engine require extensive repair and the exhaust is laden with oil or gas.

    3. Faulty Gas Cap

    You must properly check your vehicle's gas cap fuel system sensors. Any active faults in them could trigger vapor leaks.

    4. Defective Ignition Coil

    If the ignition coil of your car is faulty, then your engine will persistently fail to start because there will be no spark. Ignition coils can go out of kilter due to age or excessive temperatures.

    5. Faulty Mass Air Flow Sensor

    The mass airflow sensor measures the continuous flow of air into the vehicle's engine. A broken sensor could ultimately reduce the operational efficiency of your by up to 25 percent.

    6. Defective Spark Plug

    Any deficit in the spark plugs could mean that your vehicle isn't successfully firing on all cylinders, thereby leading to wastage of gas.

    7. Leaky Vacuum Hoses

    When the hoses of your car are leaking, you may experience some potential evaporation of fuel, meaning it becomes unable to reach its vented destination.

    8. Non-Compatibility Of Parts

    Sometimes, any active component installed may be unsuited to the vehicle. This may trigger a warning response from the engine. Therefore, you should only install compatible parts and standard accessories in your model.

    9. Defective Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve
    The EGR Valve is responsible for thrusting the exhaust back through the combustion process and progressively reduce emissions. A damaged one can cause the engine light to turn on.

    10. Faulty Battery System

    The battery might represent another possible reason why your engine light is on. Cars with modern monitoring systems, however, can accurately identify any specific issues and promptly notify you.

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