Signs Your Nissan Needs New Brakes

Besides your home, your Nissan is conceivably the second-most expensive purchase. The brake system remains to be an important component of your vehicle. Knowing when your Nissan requires new brakes are imperative to its longevity. 

Unlike other services that rely on odometer readings, a brake replacement in Manchester, CT depends on mileage, driving habits, conditions, and vehicle type. Due to this broad range of variability, it helps to look out for signs that indicate a brake change is in order:

Responsiveness Issues
If your brakes are responding slowly, or the brake pedals feel loose, falling to the floor easily when pressed, there may be problems with the car’s brake line. There might be a leak in the brake fluid, or air may be present in the brake line. 

The brake fluid resembles motor oil, but not in terms of thickness. You can inspect your vehicle for leaks by first parking for a few minutes. At that point, shift your car a few feet ahead or back and examine the ground where it was previously placed. If you notice any fluid, your brakes are defective.

Grinding Brakes
Have you noticed unpleasant grinding sounds while hitting the brakes? If so, then the brake pads may be worn out and require immediate replacement. The grinding is a result of the metal caliper and metal brake disc rubbing together. Your rotors equally might need to be turned or replaced.

Braking Vibration
Have you detected vibrations while hitting the brakes? If so, your car’s rotors may be warped. 

Harsh braking conditions that put excess and prolonged friction on the brakes can lead to warped rotors, i.e. while towing large objects or descending along with a mountain decline. Stopping frequently during such driving conditions can help prevent warping.

Uneven Wearing
Does your Nissan drift from left to right when you slam on the brakes? If so, it’s a sign that some brakes are working while the others aren't. Pulling or drifting while braking is an indication of a problem with the brake fluid. If you notice such an issue, it’s time to get your brakes examined by an experienced car mechanic in Manchester, CT.

Nissan’s brake system represents a critical component of your vehicle. And routine maintenance remains to be the key to avoiding costly repairs in the future. Visit Manchester City Nissan's Service Department in Manchester where our team of experts is eager to assist with all things brakes-related.