Nissan Express Service

When it comes to understanding the importance of your time, nobody gets it better than Nissan. With a busy schedule, you are most likely to forget about your Nissan car’s next scheduled maintenance – or you simply won’t find the time to drop it in for check-up because your long-term service center might lie too far away. That’s why we are ready to make your Nissan’s service ‘express quick’ at Manchester City Nissan. Here’s a quick look at the Nissan Express Service in Manchester, CT.
What is the Nissan Express Service?
Nissan Express Service is Nissan’s routine maintenance for busy people like you. Nissan provides hassle-free services on your vehicle at your convenience, so your busy schedule is never disturbed. Stop by our Nissan Express Service center in Manchester, CT, and highly trained specialists will attend to your car’s servicing requirements.
Services Provided With A Nissan Express Service
Some of the services covered with every Nissan Express Service are:
Tire rotation and balance
Battery diagnostic check and
Battery diagnostic check and replacement
Brake services
Shocks and struts
New tires
New wipers
Factory scheduled maintenance
Complimentary Inspection
Every Nissan Express Service includes a free multi-point inspection that includes checking the thickness of your car’s brake pads and measuring the tread depth of your tires.
Other points of the inspection include your car’s exterior, batteries, oil, and brakes. You also get a free, easy-to-read report on how your model checks out. Nissan’s Service Advisors will even give you detailed feedback on any areas of your Nissan that require attention.
All-in-all, the Nissan Express Service is designed to ensure that your car is running at its optimum and gives you the best performance you deserve. With fast and convenient expert service at your beck and call, you can be sure that the vehicle is in the best hands.
Express Service Dealers Are Available Across the Country 
You can be sure that when you give your Nissan car in for an Express Service, factory-trained technicians will handle it. Plus, any parts that need to be replaced will be succeeded only by genuine parts. Moreover, all advanced diagnostics are tailored to suit your Nissan Vehicle.