5 Ways to Become a Better Driver

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For some, driving comes naturally, while others break into a cold sweat each time, they have to take the wheel. Regardless of how comfortable you are, it’s always good to re-visit certain crucial driving pointers to keep your instincts and learnings razor sharp. After all, good driving requires your full attention and concentration. There is no room for careless errors or complacency. So, below, we give you 5 ways to enhance your driving in Manchester, CT.

Do Away With Distractions

Distracted driving will sooner or later lead to a mishap. Distractions can come in various forms – your phone, loud music, or even talkative passengers. 

You might think that reading a tiny text message is no big deal but taking your eyes off the road even for a few minutes can sometimes lead to tragic consequences. Similarly, avoid fiddling with the radio or having it on full blast. It diverts the mind from the road. 

Also, keep your car well maintained. A vehicle that’s always on the verge of breaking down can be another detrimental distraction.

Do Not Speed

This can almost be crowned as the golden rule of driving. When you aren’t speeding, you are able to more efficiently control your vehicle in case of an imminent collision. Sticking to the speed limit drastically reduces the chances of getting into an accident.

Wheels And Mirrors

Practice keeping your hands in a 9 and 3 position on the steering wheel with the arms slightly bent at the elbows. This ensures greater stability and control over the vehicle. It also makes sure your muscles are not strained and your arms do not snap in an event of a crash. Remember to always adjust your mirrors before driving to cover your blind spots.

Be A Civil Driver

Flying into road rage is a sign of a bad driver. Driving is a collective activity, and you need to be mindful of other drivers and their vehicles. Swearing and a foul mood will negatively impact your driving, so be courteous and forgiving to lousy drivers you might inevitably encounter.


Driving is a skill best honed by regular practice. Keep learning and driving to get better at it. More experience will make you more skillful provided you keep the above pointers in mind.