How Often Should You Really Get Your Nissan Serviced?

Servicing your Nissan is akin to getting a health check-up. Failing to keep up with your scheduled maintenance will lead to frequent breakdowns and repairs. By adhering to general guidelines for maintenance, you will be able to keep your vehicle in top shape. This also prevents the need for repairs.

Most mechanics suggest that you should bring your vehicle in for servicing at 15,000 miles. This will be the first major service. Using Nissan service coupons, you may go for your next maintenance appointment after 30,000 miles, then 60,000 miles, and then 90,000 miles, etc. Although these are general guidelines, always adhere to your Nissan’s service schedule.

15,000 Mile Service

Before hitting that 15k mile mark, you will need to go into your nearest Nissan car dealerships in Manchester, CT, for an oil change. The next oil change will be due once it has reached 15,000 miles. New vehicles must be taken in for service within the first year. Apart from the oil, the engine oil and oil filter will also be changed along with the air filter in the cabin and engine.

30,000 Mile Service

The maintenance services for a vehicle that has crossed the 30,000-mile mark are similar to the guidelines stated earlier. You can expect the engine coolant, fuel filter, and transmission fluid to be changed as well. This service schedule is designed to prevent overheating of the engine. The tires are also going to be rotated. Spark plugs may be changed along with a brake check.

60,000 Mile Service

This service schedule builds on the previous two. The same parts will be replaced as before. You may also get the power steering fluid changed. The performance of your battery will be examined, and the battery might be replaced. Other major systems are also included in your Nissan service coupons, such as brakes, belts, hoses, valves, and spark plugs.

By adhering to your Nissan’s maintenance schedule, your vehicle will perform well for a long time. A vehicle with a consistent maintenance record will last longer and is easier to sell. To schedule a service appointment, contact our Manchester Nissan dealership in Manchester, CT, today. We also serve customers from East Hartford, Glastonbury, and Bolton.

Source: Nissan