Nissan Buying, Leasing, and Financing Options

Buying a car is a big decision that involves a lot of financial planning and budgeting. Nissan understands this and offers a multitude of financial options in order to pick the most financially stable option for you and your budget.

These various financial programs and plans help you an option that suits you perfectly. Nissan's flexible financing options make the choice between buying and leasing stress-free. Read on to find out the differences in these two options and make the choice for yourself.

Buying a Nissan

Nissan suggests purchasing a vehicle as opposed to leasing it if you intend to drive it often and enjoy customizations. For buyers, Nissan offers its Signature Purchase plan for both their new and old vehicles. This includes unmatched interest rates and terms that rank from 12 to 72 months.

Buying is a good choice for some because there is no limit to the number of miles you can put on your Nissan. Since buying involves owning immediately, that means you can also sell it at any point.

Leasing a Nissan

Nissan advises its customers to lease rather than buy if they are sure they will drive fewer than 15,000 miles a year. This is because there is a set cap on the number of miles you can drive on a leased vehicle. 

Nissan suggests its Signature Lease program to those leasing because it includes more options than your regular lease plans, and the terms range from 24 to 60 months. Through this lease plan, you can get a vehicle via a lease that may be way above your buying budget. At the end of your contract, you can either buy or lease another vehicle or simply return the leased car. This plan with options helps drivers feel more at ease when making a decision.

If you're still unsure of your decision and need additional professional help, come in and speak with our experts at Manchester City Nissan to learn more.

Source: Pexels