A How-To Guide to Programming Your HomeLink® Universal Garage Door Opener

Buying a universal garage door opener HomeLInk® can prove to be a very good idea. The HomeLink®is a transmitter that you can program to operate garage doors and security gates, as well as a few other things. Each year, there are many millions of HomeLInk® units sold in different parts of the world. This kind of unit offers twin benefits of safety as well as convenience for your utility vehicle, your tractor or motorcycle. Read on to learn how you can install and program your HomeLink® Universal garage door opener.

Installing the Module

1. From the dash on your vehicle, remove the knockout. Alternatively, use a sizing guide template to cut out space to install the HomeLink® module on your vehicle’s dash.

2. On the sizing guide template, make sure the dimensions are correct.

3. Next, cut out the template and make sure it is of the right size for the module to fit in.

4. Also, make sure that the dash has enough space to hold the module before you cut the dash.

5. Install the module into the car’s dash.

6. Check training instructions.

Programming the Module

1. Click on the two outside HomeLink® buttons you wish to program. Wait for the indicator light to flash slowly and then release the buttons.

2. Take the garage door remote and hold it about an inch to three inches from the HomeLink® buttons. Next, press down on the garage door remote button and hold it down until the HomeLink® indicator stops flashing and becomes solid or flashes quickly.

3. Press the HomeLink® button and release it after it has been programmed.

In case the indicator light remains solid, it means you have successfully programmed the module. Now, when you press the trained button, it should activate and open your garage door.

In case the flashing light blinks quickly, you can then do the following:

1. Look for the Learn or Smart button on the garage door opener.

2. Press this button and hold it down and then release it.

It may take up to twenty seconds for the module to be ready for the next step. Go back to your vehicle and press and release the trained button. Do this for up to three times to complete the programming process.

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Source: Nissan